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Country Music Deaths 2018.

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Four prominent country music artists have died over the past few months. We pay tribute to all of these great singers by listing their passing dates in this article. It can be difficult to know where to start, so let's start with the most important 2018 deaths.

Daryle Singletary

The country music community lost a beloved singer-songwriter on February 12. Daryle Singletary, 46, passed away from unknown causes. Singletary was an artist who loved tradition and was greatly loved by his fans. Singletary was not known to have suffered from any chronic illness, so his death was shocking to many. His final show was on Saturday and there are no signs that his condition was serious. Fans are still processing this news and paying tribute the country legend.

Sudie Callaway

Sudie Callaway performed on many hit country records and was a fixture of Nashville's Music Row. Dolly Parton, Mel Tillis and Marty Robbins were just a few of the country singers she performed with. Born in Twila, Kentucky, Sudie Callaway first sang at a barn dance when she was six years old. She was a popular singer, and she was the bass player for many of her fellow musicians. She recorded her first solo singles in the end for independent labels.

Betty Amos

While the list of Betty Amos music deaths this year is extensive, many of us will be grieving. Her work is loved by many but her death is particularly tragic. She is survived her husband, Rachel and Cheri and Madison, one of her daughters. She also left behind Concepcion's parents and Carlos as well as two brothers Ed and Victor.

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Phil Ledbetter

Phil Leadbetter, a resonator guitar player, died suddenly last week at age 52. He was born in Knoxville and began playing the instrument when he was twelve years old. He graduated from Gibbs High School, Corryton. In April 2011, he was diagnosed as having Hodgkins Lymphoma. This is a type cancer that attacks the lymph nodes. Leadbetter battled the disease five times, becoming a five-time survivor of Hodgkins Lymphoma. He was given the drug Opdivo for the fifth time during the clinical trials.

Jimmy Capps

Jimmy Capps adds to the long list of dead country music legends. The smooth sound of this country guitar legend is what made him so popular. His work has been featured on a long list of hits, including records by Roy Clark, Ray Price, Charlie Rich, and Eddy Arnold. Capps was an integral part of North Carolina's music scene. In 2018, fans around the country and world were affected by Capps's passing.

Steve Coy

Steve Coy (drummer and keyboardist for Dead Or Alive) died this weekend. Coy isn't the only one to die in the last two years. Last year, the band lost singer Pete Burns due to a heart attack. In fact, Coy was the longest serving member of the band after Burns. His special place in the Dead Or Alive clan is not easily explained.

Janka Nabay

Janka Nabay of Sierra Leone was among the country music musicians who died in 2018. Janka was born and raised in Africa. He moved back to Sierra Leone in last year. He was a traditional musician and specialized in Temne songs and bamboo flutes. He was known by the name of King Bubu Music. He combined traditional Temne music, with electronic instrumentation.

C.W. Vrtacek

This year, there have been many amazing moments in country music. There was great music all year, but there were also some sad moments. "WAR" author C.W. Vrtacek and country singer/songwriter Daryle Singletary were among those who passed away this year. Singletary, who was 46, passed away and is survived and cared for by his family.

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Hardy Fox

Hardy Fox, the co-founder and chief composer of The Residents, a country music group that is beloved and influential, was recently killed. The group was founded in 1969 and operated for the majority of its existence under strict secrecy. Hardy Fox only revealed his true identity in 2015, when he became a founding member. Residents' music has been synonymous with live theatrical shows and top-hats and eyeball caps.

Stan Lee

Fans are grieving after the deaths of Jimmy Carter (and Stan Lee), two of comic book's most beloved creators. Both died unexpectedly in Los Angeles at the age of 76. Stan Lee was a longtime collaborator with Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, who contributed to the creation of such iconic comic book characters as Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. In addition to these characters, Lee created such unique characters as the Fantastic Four and Black Panther.

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Country Music Deaths 2018.