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The Royals Cast - Who's in the Cast of "The Royals"?

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Here is the scoop for TV fans who want to learn more about "The Royals". Learn more about Elizabeth Hurley and William Moseley, Nikita Urgla, Carmen Gloria Perez and many other characters! Here are the most memorable characters of "The Royals".

Ivar Forsling

Ivar Forsling who played the role of the Crown Prince Erik may be leaving the show. He could however be seen in flashback scenes during season two. Pernilla Aug, who plays Wilhelm's mom, will also be returning to the show. Helena Bonham Carter is also included in this cast.

Malte Gardinger

The right place if you are looking to find an actor who portrays an interesting character in a Swedish TV series. Malte gardinger plays August in Young Royals on Netflix. She was rejected by several actors and auditioned to play the role. She was also featured in #will, a short film about a teenager's self-harming behaviors and fate.

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Nikita Umgla

Nikita Uggla is a Swedish actress who is best known for her role as Felice in Netflix's Young Royals. In addition to her acting career, Nikita is also an accomplished model, dancer, and social media influencer. She was born on April 14, 2001, in Kivik. She is of mixed race and practices Christianity. This makes her an ideal choice to play a part in a romantic drama.

Carmen Gloria Perez

Young Royals' cast includes August O'Neil's and Carmen Gloria Perez's actresses. August is most famous for her role as Shmi, the Star Wars movie franchise's protagonist. Ingmar Berman has directed her. Perez is well-known for playing the role of Captain Vasquez, in the popular Lucha Underground television series. Young Royals can be streamed on Netflix.

Edvin Ryding

Edvin Ryding makes a great choice when you want to find out more about the Royals cast. He was born in Stockholm on February 4, 2000. He is the grandson of a journalist and bank director. He was an early participant in the movie business despite his youth. He had to balance school and filming while he was producing "The Man Under the Stairs".

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The Royals Cast - Who's in the Cast of The Royals?